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I'm Aqila

a bright-side seeking, family-time loving, home organization obsessed, faith-led, coffee-fueled, motivational author, intentional educator, and passionate supporter of teachers.

It wasn't long ago that I made the decision to start.  To really begin.  To push past procrastination and kick off my mission to support those that are struggling to teach with joy during one of the most challenging times to be a teacher.

 I am filled with a fire to positively impact the lives of teachers.  I am eager to go to work for every teacher's joy.  I am eager and ready to go to work for every teacher's efficacy.  I am here for the new teacher and the seasoned teacher. I am ready to go to work for you.

See, I know a teacher who was suffocating under the weight of anxiety and work-related stress. She was doing the best she knew how but was still struggling. There was just so much that she didn't know and understand. Her first year as a teacher, in this profession that I love deeply, was breaking her to pieces emotionally and physically. I witnessed firsthand just how traumatic teaching can be if you don't have what you need. Recently, I have listened to a heartbreaking number of teachers question whether or not they could continue in education. Some are contemplating this question in just their first year of teaching. There is no question that being an effective teacher is hard. Being a poorly supported teacher is nearly impossible.

Please hear me say in the most endearing and loving tone, I want more for you.  I feel a sense of urgency that I can not shake. I am showing up each day to give you what every teacher deserves.  It's time for me to share my gifts of mentoring, teaching, leading, connecting, and that is what I will do. I am here for those that became teachers to make a difference in the lives of students. I am here to give you the support that you need so that you can teach with less stress and more joy. I am your teacher bestie and mentor.

Take my hand.

I am here for every bit of you.

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